When we dreamed up our “Sleeping Beauty” collection, we had self-expression as a priority in mind and wanted to design not just bridal garments in the traditional sense, but dresses that transcend beauty and bring out everyone’s version of their inner princess. This is why we paid extra attention to the colour choices, the fabrics and textures we selected, with the utmost care. These elements, together with the silhouettes of the soft peach, powder and pale rose-coloured designs, triumphantly elevate the garments to new style heights.
The silk, satin, tulle and organza we used, is from the highest quality and the decorative elements – such as the flowers, which are a well-known, recurring symbol for PRIESTON – were specifically designed, in-house, and laser cut for maximum effect and precision. Tiny crystals form the centre of each of the floral motives. Both are hand-sewn onto the dresses, one by one, before eventually the dresses are ready to shine in their full beauty.
The cherry blossom inspired flowers exude a sense of elegance, class and softness that remind us of the romantic scene of the blossoms gently floating to the ground whilst representing the captivating charm and beauty of femininity.