When we founded our brand we were determined about one thing: we will never be mediocre and that the world that we create will be a place where everyone can be the best version of themselves. The key to unlocking PRIESTON WORLD? Our products. We consider everyone equal and we are here to help bring out the maximum in all of us. We don’t need anyone to bring us the stars from the sky – we are the stars, lighting up the PRIESTON WORLD firmament, radiating with endless positive energy.

All our PRIESTON lines are made using the highest quality fabrics which we often manufacture in-House. We love our unique print elements – such as the flowers, which are a well-known, recurring symbol for PRIESTON – which is why we specifically design them working with a talented bunch of graphic designers, season after season.

Our brand is renowned for being versatile and transformative. The past few years have seen us gradually and organically embrace a direction that we call ‘urban princess’ that is modern and applies a more pastel colour palette.

We do believe the devil’s in the detail and therefore our decorative elements are laser-cut and hand-sewn onto our products.

The way we contrast urban reality with the fairytale elements that we so love, is by mixing plain materials with textured/ structured ones but our shapes are always simple, clean-cut and elegant. That way, everyone can find their most suitable PRIESTON piece in our collections, to fit their own style.

Our accessory line offers the perfect additions to complete any fashion look, as most of the pieces can be transformed from elegant and chic to practical and playful. The PRIESTON woman is a colourful, diverse character who is ready to show in the meeting room, she means business and then slips into her festival dress and grabs her glittery heart leather pouch to throw herself into the fun-filled summer nightlife.

So who is the PRIESTON woman, really?

Our philosophy is nothing other than ‘My Body, My Rules’ which is a timeless slogan that changes its meaning for every person, depending on their circumstance, race or age but what it truly means for us, is, to break the mould, throw off those chains and rise like a phoenix – be your most authentic self yet!

Since the first launch of our MBMR campaign, we approach things with a sense of boldness, wanting to show the world that we don’t care for stereotypes or expectations.

Initially, we started building our brand subconsciously around these values and then began to raise awareness of self-worth, respect and diversity which then led to the rise of PRIESTON WORLD. The PRIESTON women belong to their own, alternative world where they can be themselves and get everything an urban princess deserves.

The PRIESTON WOMAN is determined, knows what she wants and is a bit cheeky, but, is not afraid to put her foot down, when needed. She is kind, tolerant, loves and wants to be loved. …And a little luxury.